Why do hurricanes last a week and tornadoes rarely last an hour?

Pricey Tom,

Why do hurricanes, the worst storms at sea, final every week or longer and measure lots of of miles throughout whereas tornadoes, the worst storms on land, are measured in a whole lot of yards and infrequently final a single hour?

Michael O’Brien,

Pricey Michael,
Hurricanes and tornadoes are totally different sorts of storms and it’s an error to match them in the best way that you’ve. It’s true that hurricanes type over heat ocean water, however tornadoes happen over oceans in addition to land (although far larger numbers of them type over land). Hurricanes are low strain techniques that derive their power from heat ocean water. They type comparatively slowly, typically taking a number of days to realize winds of hurricane power (at the least seventy four mph). Tornadoes are usually not “unbiased” storms. They develop (briefly) within the updrafts of thunderstorms, constructing downward to the bottom from the thunderstorm base.

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