What’s Chicagoland’s highest day by day temperature when snow was recorded?

Dear Tom,

Temperatures Thursday morning were in the upper 50s, but there was a winter weather advisory for the evening. What is Chicagoland’s highest daily temperature when snow was recorded?

Marty Shanahan

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Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski actually documented 11 days that have logged both a temperature of at least 60 degrees and measurable snowfall. The warmest day was April 22, 1910. After the high peaked at a balmy 65 degrees, a cold front passed, accompanied by rain and gusty winds. The mercury plunged to 35 degrees by midnight, with the rain changing to snow that accumulated 0.1 inches. The cold spell continued, with more than six inches of snow falling intermittently over the following four days. Then, just as quickly, temperatures rebounded, with the mercury rising to 86 degrees by April 29.

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