What does Aurora often have the lowest temps in the Chicago area?

Pricey Tom,
I’ve observed that the temperature at Aurora is usually the bottom within the Chicago space. Why is that this the case?

Jamie Miller,

Pricey Jamie,
Your query comes up sometimes. Aurora’s chilly nighttime temperatures, typically colder by a number of levels, are a supply of puzzlement, particularly to Aurora residents whose thermometers don’t register such low readings. These cool temperature readings are the results of the situation of the thermometer. The thermometer is correct and it’s checked repeatedly. It’s situated on the far west finish of the agricultural Aurora Airport in Sugar Grove, about 10 miles from downtown Aurora. Situated in a low-mendacity setting, it’s prone to radiational cooling. On calm nights, chilly, dense air settles into that low spot. The thermometer is situated there to help airport aviation operations and its readings usually are not meant for different functions.

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