Wet weather causing dandelion proliferation?

Pricey Tom,
I appear to have many extra dandelions in my garden this yr than in earlier years. Might the moist climate that we now have been experiencing be inflicting the proliferation?
— George Bendat, Gurnee
Pricey George,
Gauging the extent of dandelion prevalence is sort of subjective, and there’s no arduous knowledge on the topic. When and the place they’re noticed can have an effect on perceptions of what number of there are. Prolonged heat, sunny days and loads of moisture encourage dandelion progress, however their numbers are extra importantly linked to rising circumstances within the earlier yr. That’s as a result of dandelions are perennial weeds, which suggests they reappear from roots already within the floor. Controlling them is greatest accomplished earlier than they go to seed. The climate final rising season (in 2016) could also be an element on this yr’s crop in your garden.

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