Survivor HHH Episode 3 Recap – Slugin’ Love

By Mickie McLeod

Have you ever been watching the brand new season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? It’s by no means too late to tune into the most effective actuality T.V! Missed this week’s episode? I all the time acquired you coated!


The Heroes tribe appear to be sustaining they’re reps’ as heroes. General, the tribe is fairly robust and are working exhausting collectively as a tribe. Nicely… in addition to Alan.

Whereas Ben, Chrissy, Ashley, and JP are out chopping wooden or catching fish, there’s Alan, the NFL participant, who continues to be determining how one can crack open a coconut.

From these first couple weeks of Survivor, Alan’s recreation doesn’t appear to be one of the best but on this season.


The Healers are made up of a large amount of cool, calm, and compassionate tribe members this season. Nicely… in addition to Joe.

I swear Joe is on the flawed tribe. Simply from these previous three episodes, Joe is recognized because the bully on the Healers. He’s not solely picked on Mike the primary week, has persuaded Cole to assist him discover the idol, however now’s complaining concerning the style of their meals (the little that they do have). Does he not know he’s on Survivor??

Final week, Joe acquired a Hidden Immunity Idol, with the assistance of Cole. Cole is a candy, younger man who clearly can’t hold a secret. On this episode, Cole and the lovable nurse practitioner, Jessica, are hitting it off and a romance develops between the 2. Due to the brand new fling, Cole reveals his secret about Joe’s Idol, with Jessica…

… after which Desi,
… after which Roark.

Cole simply decides to inform the ladies all about Joe’s idol. I’m unsure what sort of technique Cole is enjoying. Like I stated in final week’s recap, Cole simply appears to be naive on this recreation of Survivor. If Survivor doesn’t work out for him, hopefully, his relationship with Jessica at the least will.


The Hustlers are a bunch of goofs. Ryan, (my favourite to date on this season) is a nerdy man who appears to be narrating what this tribe is as much as, each episode but. He’s undoubtedly the entertainer of the season.

In the meantime, the one who thinks he’s an entertainer, has been getting on everybody’s nerves, (nonetheless). Patrick continues to be being Patrick throughout this episode, as he’s now off blatantly in search of Hidden Immunity Idols. He’s not very clean on this recreation and his tribe is getting uninterested in his obnoxious character.

Immunity Problem

The primary few weeks of Survivor supply a reward on the Immunity Problem. This week, the primary tribe to win will earn Immunity for…

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