‘Survivor’ Castoff Debbie Speaks In Post-Elimination Interview

CBS Native – CBS aired Season 34, Episodes 10 of Survivor: Recreation Modifications, and we had the prospect to interview the newest castoff, Debbie Wanner, who after main the final episode’s blindside of Ozzy, fell sufferer to a blindside elimination herself.

Right here’s her distinctive views (as informed to CBS Native’s Samantha Bennet and Adam Bloom) on being voted off the island, her recreation play and the way it feels to be the third member of the jury.

Episode 10 Castoff: Debbie

AB: When that remaining vote was learn that had your identify on it, do you know instantly who flipped? Did you’ve any reservations about Sarah?

D: it was in all probability a day or two previous to that vote, in what I’ll name our alliance of six, going to Mr. [Brad] Culpepper and stated, ‘When this six breaks up, it’s going to be Sarah.’ And Brad stated, ‘okay nicely, when the time is true she’ll be the primary to go.’ You get an intuition, you get a sense in your intestine by way of observations. And all I can say is, congratulations to her swearing on her son’s life that she wouldn’t flip on the Nuku alliance, and, she bested me.

SB: Survivor editors are nice at foreshadowing who could also be going residence in an upcoming tribal council, particularly when somebody makes these proclamations through the one-on-ones interviews. Did you have got any regrets relating to something you stated throughout yours?

D: You realize, I actually don’t. They might have, simply as simply, used the clip the place I stated, nicely, ya know, I’ve obtained some doubts, right here’s my considering on the six (alliance), Troyzan isn’t an unique, or Sarah, she’s enjoying each side of the sector and continually speaking to individuals. So, you employ the one which makes it probably the most fascinating and I perceive that. There’s a skinny line between confidence and cocky and on the finish of the day, the best way I reside my life and performed the sport was I take the knowledge I’ve at hand, I make the most effective determination I feel potential, I’m apparently extremely entertaining in the best way that I do it. It’s what it’s.

AB: We actually loved watching you on the present and, I feel, you may need had quite a lot of satisfaction for getting out Ozzy. When that ended up occurring, strolling again to camp should have been an awesome feeling.

D: Fairly frankly, it wasn’t. I like Ozzy on a private degree. He’s this fascinating, epicurean, wine connoisseur and I genuinely like him. There was no ‘Oh, nice, I slayed Ozzy.’ I actually don’t have an ego like that. The sport does get private and…

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