Space Delivery: Astronauts get ice cream, make-own pizzas

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Astronauts received a mouth-watering haul with Tuesday’s Earth-to-area supply — pizza and ice cream.

A business provide ship arrived on the Worldwide Area Station two days after launching from Virginia. In addition to NASA gear and experiments, the Orbital ATK capsule holds chocolate and vanilla ice cream for the six station astronauts, in addition to make-your-personal flatbread pizzas.

Astronauts all the time crave pizza in orbit, nevertheless it’s been notably robust for Italy’s Paolo Nespoli. He’s been up there since July and has one other month to go.

Nespoli used the area station’s robotic arm to seize the cargo ship, as they zoomed 260 miles above the Indian Ocean.

In addition to flatbread, the capsule incorporates all of the makings of a very good Earth pizza: sauce, cheese, pepperoni, anchovy paste, tomatoes, pesto, olive oil and extra.

Astronauts additionally get a hankering for chilly treats, thus the large frozen cargo of ice cream cups, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars and frozen fruit bars.

In all, the capsule incorporates almost four tons of cargo. It’s named the S.S. Gene Cernan in honor of the final man to stroll on the moon, who died in January.

The experiments embrace mealworms and micro clover, despatched up by highschool college students.

The availability ship will stay on the area station till the start of December, when it’s minimize unfastened with a load of trash. It can hover near the orbiting lab as a part of an experiment, then a number of mini satellites can be launched and it’ll fritter away within the environment on re-entry.

SpaceX, NASA’s different prime shipper, will make a supply subsequent month.



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