Residents oppose proposed Elwood trucking facility, vote being held Thursday

ELWOOD, Ill. – Farmers and residents of Elwood, Ill., held a protest ahead of a hearing for a proposed trucking facility in their area.

Hundreds are expected to turn out Thursday evening for the hearing on the proposed Compass Business Park by Kansas City based Northpoint Development. The proposed facility would be three times the size of Midway Airport.

If the vote passes the zoning board on Thursday, it will move to the full board next month.

The local residents who oppose the plans said the development would drastically change their lives and not for the better.

The developer said its putting forward a comprehensive approach that represents the new economy of online sales to accommodate the huge population increase in Will County and other surrounding counties.

Northpoint said it has gone to great lengths to gather resident feedback on the coming and going of trucks to pick up and drop off goods that would be on specifically built closed Loop roads with no risk to village or taxpayer.

They also said the company is making a $600 million first half investment that will bring in $87 million to the Village of Elwood, local schools and taxing bodies.

They said it would also bring 1,500 jobs during construction and 5,000 full-time jobs when completed.

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