Lunchbreak: Big Timmy challenge burger and Irish nachos, prepared by Timothy O’T…

Corey Grupe, Government Chef

Timothy O’Toole’s Pub

Celebrating 25 Years in Streeterville
622 N. Fairbanks Courtroom
(312) 642-0700

Huge Timmy Problem

2 eight ouncescertified angus beef burters
2 ouncesswiss cheese
2 ouncesjack cheese
2 ouncesmozzarella cheese
2 ouncescheddar cheese
1 ouncesBBQ sauce
1 ouncesfried onions (make your personal or purchase at retailer)
2 ouncessliced tomato
1 ouncesdill pickle
few items of lettuce
6 slices bacon
1 brioche bun

Prepare dinner the burgers to the specified temperature, soften the cheese on prime and start meeting. Beginning on the backside of the bun add each burger patties, the barbeque sauce, then pickles, each onions, tomato, lettuce and bacon. Use a steak knife to carry collectively.


Irish Nachos

1 pound of fries
half pound of combined and shredded cheese (we use jack, cheddar and mozzarella)
2 ouncesbacon bits
1 ouncesscallions

Pre-warmth the oven to 350. Prepare dinner the fries till golden and crisp, add the combined cheeses and the bacon bits, return to oven till cheese had melted. Prime with the scallions

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