How large do the largest snowflakes grow to?

Pricey Tom,
How giant do the most important snowflakes develop to? I heard on the radio that snowflakes sixteen inches in diameter have been reported within the western states a number of years in the past. Is that even potential?
— T. Standlin, Dubuque, Iowa
Pricey T.,
A snowflake that enormous stretches the bounds of credibility. Guinness World Data lists a snowflake 15 inches in diameter and eight inches thick as measured at Fort Keogh, Montana, in 1887, as the most important.
Giant snowflakes include “packets” of many smaller snow crystals loosely clinging collectively. As they fall by means of the air, particular person snow crystals brush previous one another, matting collectively to type bigger snowflakes whose fall speeds improve, thereby accelerating the gathering course of. Routine measurements of snowflake sizes aren’t made however meteorologists consider two-inch snowflakes are credible.

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