Governor Ducey releases 2019 price range; focuses on schooling


Governor Doug Ducey released his executive budget for the fiscal year 2019 on Friday. The $10.1 billion budget focuses significantly on adding more dollars to K-12 education.

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“My budget continues to focus on K-12 education with 80 percent of new investments dedicated to Arizona’s public schools,” said Governor Ducey. “We take clear steps to roll back recession-era cuts to key parts of our state funding formula for schools and immediately provide an initial $100 million in permanent and flexible funding. Public schools use Additional Assistance for capital and operations, which may include additional teacher pay. In addition, we will continue critical investments that support proving more safe and loving homes for children in the state’s care, and protecting Arizona’s vulnerable adults and the elderly.  We also invest in substance abuse treatment, expanded educational services, and employment centers to give more people who have served their time a second chance. The Executive Budget will also allow over 52,000 veterans living in Arizona who receive a pension to keep more of the benefits they earned by increasing the amount of their pension that is exempt from State income taxes.”

Highlights of Governor Ducey’s Budget Plan: 

  • Invests $284 million in K-12 education above and beyond $116 million in inflation and enrollment growth funding, resulting in a total of $400  million for public schools in the FY 2019 Executive Budget. Over 80 percent, or $200 million, of new discretionary General Fund spending (including FY 2018 supplemental funding) is focused on K-12 education; 
  •  Includes a commitment to phase in over five years a full restoration of $371 million in Additional Assistance; 
  • Caps payments to private operators in order to provide additional dollars to public education; 
  • Provides a total of $15.8 million to fully fund the record increase in adoptions; 
  • Continues support for “Second Chance” initiatives to reduce prison recidivism, including $2.4 million to the Department of Corrections for  expanded substance abuse, educational, and employment center services; 
  •  Adds resources for an enhanced Wrong-Way Driver Night Watch to improve response times to wrong-way and impaired drivers; 
  • Ramps up the Border Strike Force with a two-year phase-in of 24 new State Troopers, providing 24/7 highway patrols in Southern…

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