Fox bites bicyclist in Saguaro NP-East

(Source: Arizona Game and Fish Department)(Source: Arizona Game and Fish Department)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A fox bit a visitor to Saguaro National Park-East on Tuesday, Feb. 13, according to park officials.

A news release from the park said the visitor was bicycling on Cactus Forest Loop Drive when the incident happened.

Because it is unusual for foxes to display aggressive behavior, there is concern the fox may be rabid.

Biologists and park rangers tried to catch the fox to confirm any illness, but the fox, which reportedly approached other visitors, could not be located.

“It appears the fox may have approached multiple visitors prior to the incident being reported to park officials,” Chief Ranger Ray O’Neil said in the release. “If any visitor has come into direct contact with this fox, or any animal acting strangely, they should seek immediate medical care, without delay.”

Visitors to the park and surrounding areas should be aware of multiple cases of rabies being reported recently. Park staff will continue to monitor the area and try to find the animal.

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