Driver in beautiful video of Prius swept away by California mudslide shares his s…

BURBANK, Cal. — A man whose vehicle was seen in a widely-shared video sliding on top of a wave of mud down a Burbank street spoke to KTLA about the incident Thursday, saying he wasn’t sure if he and his girlfriend were going to survive the wild ride.

Dallas native Desionne Franklin said he’d never experienced anything like the deluge that hit the home where he is staying in Burbank. He first became worried about the weather conditions when he got up at 6 a.m. Tuesday to get ready for work.

“I heard a rumbling as I was lying in the bed and I woke up,” he told KTLA. “I told my girlfriend, ‘Hey, I don’t know what’s happening, but we’ve got to get ready to go.’”

Video of Franklin’s ordeal was captured by crew members with a local firefighters union, Burbank Firefighters Local 778, as the storm battered the region on Tuesday, and posted to Instagram on Wednesday.

The video opens on a hilly street, buttressed by homes, that looks more like a swift-moving river of sludge. A surge of mud comes downhill, carrying with it a dark-colored Toyota Prius that goes careening down the hill but manages to stay on the curved roadway.

Before he got into the car, Franklin says he had decided to call into work and instead nervously surveyed the scene as it unfolded outside his window “like a torrent of water, and boulders, and rocks, and mud that was a constant flow,” he said.

That morning, Franklin shared a video on Instagram showing the sludge as it flowed down the hill.

“Man, look at California,” he can be heard narrating, while the caption opines that such extreme weather incidents are “the price for living in a beautiful state.”

After the downpour slowed, Franklin helped his housemate secure sandbags around the home’s perimeter and went back to sleep.

But a few hours later, his housemate came downstairs to tell him the neighborhood was being evacuated. They began packing their things and shoveled about 2 to 4 feet of mud that was caked up in front of the driveway, Franklin said.

But while Franklin’s housemate was gathering his child and cats, conditions quickly worsened.

“The rain had started coming down, and I start seeing the rocks and boulders again,” he described. “I ran back in the house and said, ‘Hey, we don’t have time for that. We have to leave right now.’”

Franklin and his girlfriend were the last to leave, and he attempted to ease…

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