Does social media make us more narrow-minded?


(CNN) – Whereas it might appear to be social media is a superb software to increase your world, a brand new research exhibits that it truly can do exactly the other

Based on a staff of researchers in Italy, individuals on social media are likely to share content material that pertains to a selected narrative, even when it’s false. The researchers mapped the unfold of conspiracy theories and scientific info on social media.

They discovered that, as an alternative of sharing content material that challenges views, social media customers lean in the direction of “affirmation bias”, which is an individual’s tendency to look, learn and share info that confirms their pre-present beliefs and it’s not simply the conspiracy theorists who do it.

Customers which are extra scientifically-minded are responsible of affirmation bias as properly. Which will clarify why some relations or pals maintain sharing that very same article on Fb or how “pretend information” can unfold like wildfire.

If you wish to keep away from sharing misinformation, researchers advocate a easy step, as an alternative of blindly sharing articles, do your personal reality-checking earlier than you submit that subsequent hyperlink.

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