Dense fog developing across the Chicago area this Wednesday afternoon/evening

The afternoon/evening commute especially south and west out of Chicago will be impacted as visibility is dropping rapidly in southern and western portions of the Chicago area late this afternoon and many other locations will see visibility fall to a quarter-mile or close to zero less this evening. Dense fog with light drizzle will continue overnight into Thursday.

Southerly winds are carrying mild and moist air with dew points in the upper 30s over the still-think snow cover with fog forming quickly, as the higher dew point air comes in contact with the 32-degree air at snow level. Drizzle will likely occur overnight along with the dense fog and likely continue on into Thursday. A cold front will approach and move through our area from the west later Thursday afternoon preceded by lower clouds and rain which could actually improve visibility somewhat. Precipitation will end and fog/clouds lift from the west as the cold front moves on to the east later Thursday.

Latest visibility across the Chicago metro area…

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