Clovis East, Reyburn Intermediate closed Friday after mercury publicity

Clovis Unified School District said Clovis East High School and Reyburn Intermediate School will both be closed Friday after a student brought loose mercury to Reyburn Thursday.

School officials say some students were in contact with the liquid metal, but at this time, no one has reported suffering from any symptoms of mercury exposure. Symptoms include burning in the nose, rashes, or difficulty breathing.

Mercury can get into the body through open cuts and be toxic to people’s lungs, kidneys, and nervous systems.

It can also evaporate and be inhaled.

School officials recommend washing any clothes worn Thursday to prevent skin irritation from mercury.

If your child develops any symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.

As a precautionary measure, the District, in conjunction with the Fresno County Department of Public Health and the Environmental Protection Agency, decided to close both campuses to make sure any impacted classrooms are properly cleaned.

Any co-curricular activities planned at the two schools will be held at other venues.

The District will keep the parent and staff community updated using its automated telephone, email and text systems as well as updating local media as the clean-up and assessment is completed. At this time, school is expected to continue as regularly scheduled as of Tuesday, January 16.

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