Can tornadoes form where there is a river valley and hilly terrain?

Pricey Tom,
My spouse maintains that in her Michigan hometown of Wolverine, about forty miles south of the Mackinac Bridge, it’s unattainable to have a twister due to the river valley and hilly terrain. I say that as a result of tornadoes type from storm clouds down towards the bottom, they is perhaps unlikely, however not inconceivable. Who’s proper?
— John Podulka, Winfield
Pricey John,
There isn’t a query that tornadoes can and have occurred in that space. Your spouse could also be referring to the truth that there haven’t been as many twisters there as in lots of different areas of the Midwest — and their path lengths, as a common proposition, have typically not been as lengthy. It’s fascinating that many people consider native geography — from lakes to river valleys to hills — prevents tornadoes — however these storms have been noticed rolling over hilly and even, from time to time, mountainous areas.
Tornadoes have been noticed rolling over hilly and even, once in a while, mountainous areas

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