AMAZING UPDATE! Man finds his daughter 39 years after her adoption

Editor’s note: We have a great update to Sharon Yoo’s story from Thursday. WAVE 3 News just learned Friday morning that Jerry Miller has found his daughter. Out of respect for the Millers, we’ll let them re-unite and try to catch back up with the happy family at a later date.

HANOVER, IN (WAVE) – Jerry Miller is in search of a girl.

“Forty years is a long time to just, show up,” Miller said.

Waiting for his daughter, just like he has for the past 39 years.

“I’m trying to find my daughter,” Miller said. “I can’t… I’m sorry, this is very hard for me.”

Miller trailed off, taking the time to wipe away tears.

“She would be 39 years old,” Miller said.

He has spent nearly 40 years, waiting for a girl he only met for 40 minutes.

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“She still was a tiny thing, laying in my arms, I remember,” Miller said holding up his arms like he was holding a baby. “Beautiful baby.”

She was born in Covington, Kentucky at St. Elizabeth Hospital on Dec. 4 or 5, 1978.

Miller said his daughter was taken away from him shortly after she was born. During that time he was given a scary diagnosis of a brain aneurysm.

Doctors told him then, that after surgery the chances are he would be dead, put in a vegetative state or forced to relearn how to use the entire left side of his body. Doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to take care of his newborn daughter.

Miller’s wife at the time was 17 years old. Others around her told her that she was too young to take care of a baby and that others could do it better.

“They said I signed papers which I never knew that I did,” Miller reflected.

Since that day in 1978, much has changed. Miller beat the odds after the surgery and recovered. He separated from his then-wife but eventually with time, fell in love with a woman who would also join him in this search.

Miller’s wife Brenda used to wonder every day.

“Gosh, how much more can I stand seeing him like this?” Brenda said. She said she was heartbroken, listening to the man she loved talking about a hole in his heart that she knew would never fill.

After all these years spent attempting to acquire sealed adoption records through private investigators, the Millers decided to put up one last post on Facebook.

“Maybe that’s why I’m so emotional,” Miller said. “If she doesn’t see it, I’ll probably go to my grave regretting it.”

The past 39 years had been filled with nightmares for Miller.

“Wondering if she’s dead or alive,” Miller wondered out loud. “If somebody is taking…

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