5 Great Meditation Apps You Can Use On Your Lunch Break

Far too many Americans opt to skip lunch breaks or eat lunch at their desks, but taking a break from your hectic day can help you be more productive. One excellent use of your lunch break is meditation. The practice of deep breathing and focusing your concentration, meditation can help you relax, which is essential if you are working in a stressful job. Try the following apps to make it easier to incorporate meditation into a busy workday. It can help keep you calm and more productive into the afternoon.


A well-known and tested meditation app, Headspace has been shown to be effective, resulting in its popularity. The app offers a variety of guided meditations in various lengths, including short 15-minute sessions, which are perfect for a lunch break. It is simple and easy to use, with minimal distractions. A simple click on your guided meditation is all it takes. One drawback is that there is a subscription fee following the free trial period.


As one of the highest rated apps on iTunes for 2017, Calm has gained quite the following. The app offers an array of features to help you stay calm and focused, practice mindfulness and even sleep better. It is very intuitive to use and has different meditations for beginners and experienced meditators alike. The app also offers daily meditations for those who like to switch it up.


This app was developed by a popular meditation studio in New York City, and it brings the studio experience directly to your phone. It offers a variety of guided meditations for many situations, including those that are perfect for calming down in the middle of a busy workday. The app features tools to help you sleep, relax and even sit still. Its recommendations are customized to the time of day in which you are using the app, making the app perfect for work.

10% Happier

Developed in conjunction with author Dan Harris and other meditation experts, 10% Happier not only offers guided meditations, but it also teaches you techniques and makes it easy to incorporate meditation into daily life. This app features meditations that are quick for people who are short on time, and it helps you push past some of the common barriers to guided meditation. It also offers in-app purchases and subscriptions to podcasts and other tools that can help you refine your own practice of meditation.

Smiling Mind

Another popular meditation app, Smiling Mind was created by a team of psychologists…

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